This Aliens Slot Machine Winner Took Home The Grand Prize

ALIENSWhenever aliens are mentioned, mystery, intrigue, and suspense set in. It is the same with the slot machine Aliens. However, the opportunity to win hefty cash prizes is even better.

The Aliens slot machine is an intriguing game featuring aliens and related symbols. Great graphics, excellent sound effects, and huge bonuses are just some of the things you can expect in this game. Are there high chances of winning? Of course, anybody can win as long as you follow the guidelines of the slot machines game to the letter and keep playing.

After talking to the winner of the game’s jackpot in February 2015, here is his story.

Mevin K wins Aliens slot

Mevin from Leeds has been a long time fan of slot machines online. However, over all the years that he has been playing online, he has never enjoyed slots as much as he likes slot machine Aliens. As he says, he played this one for the first time in October 2014 at his favourite online casino MrGreen. Even if he was not able to sniff many aliens to win a jackpot, he knew that he could perfect his game with time. He also understood that the bets for the game were high. Besides, the jackpot is progressive, which means your wager must be high. Actually, the maximum win that you can get in the game is 3817 times the money the player bets.

On February 2015, Mevin had decided to go all the way to get the top prize. He played level one and completed successfully. He continued playing to unlock the second level and did not give in to the attacks from the aliens. In the third level, it was a bit challenging trying to kill the queen and destroy the hive. He was keen to see the multiplier placed at the center, which magnified the grenade strength that eliminated the queen and the hive as well. He won the Aliens slot machine game and pocketed £37,180 out of the £100 bet he had wagered. At least, the risk was worth it.

Mevin had many plans for his fortune, but he emphasized that he needed to give his business a boost. He wanted to increase his stock in his boutique store. He had also spotted an antique clock, which he says had been recovered after a shipwreck in the 15th century. Are you still not convinced? You certainly need to play on the slot machine Aliens. There are small cash and non-cash prizes for you as well as jackpots.