NetEntertainment has collaborated with 20th Century Fox to bring three-dimensional graphics in their game for video slot machines known as Aliens. This is a game based on the second edition of blockbuster film series and cult film favourite directed by James Cameron.

There are three levels to be played in our Aliens slot machine game. Players can expect re-spins, collectable multipliers, and wild substitutions.


  • 5 Reels
  • 15 Pay lines

This video slot game promises plenty of suspenseful gameplay for players as they have to scan the infested sections on the reels in terms of alien activity and then shoot relentless alien attack waves in order to reach the goal and that is the Queen Hive.

The goal in Level 1 is to fill up the Alien Activity Meter with as many multipliers as possible. This allows the players to set themselves up for big wins in the second level after the completion of the nine steps in this level. The next stage brings the players to an Encounter where a symbol guarantees an overlay win from its initial spin. The players can expect a massive alien attack in this level. Completion of this successful Encounter brings the players to the third level where they have to seek out the Queen Hive. With an earning of five re-spins, the Queen Hive can be routed with one grenade for achieving maximum wins. Players must complete individual steps on the Hive Health Meter to get close to destroying the Queen as well as her Hive in order to claim the Aliens Max Win of Stake Cash Prize multiplied by 240 times. Players have to remember that there is no guarantee that the Queen Hive will be destroyed. So, they have to keep searching for multipliers on middle position of a multiplier reel to boost up the earlier damage by about ten times.

Five reels and fifteen pay lines have to be played from fifteen pence on every spin up to a maximum of GBP 150 on a spin. The multipliers start collecting from the very first level and they can be applied to the second level to be used on the symbols which appear during this stage. If the players are lucky, they can get a six-multiplier on three symbols on their spin for big wins. They may come across an Ammo Clip reel containing ammunition symbols. If it shows up on a middle position of the reel, it will increase the Ammo Clip Counter to trigger more Aliens free spins. This counter will keep going down after each re-spin as the aliens are being shot down.

The graphics are brilliant as the game is viewed from the vantage point of the helmet camera of a marine. The background music is lively, as it motivates the players to seek out alien activity and survive their attacks to arrive at the Queen Hive and destroy it in order to claim their huge cash prize.