Dancing reels at the Copa!

At The Copa slot machine is a typically standard 5 reel slot machine game with a 30 line pay out. However, this game stands on its on 2 dancing feet by giving you a show of beautiful colours and exciting music as you play.

Dance all your boredom away!

At the Copa is an amazingly, bright and exciting slot machine with a dance theme. Its symbols, as would be expected, are all dance themed items. The first of which is a realistic ladies dance shoe and if you spin and get 2 or more of these on your game board then you are presented with a prize of at the Copa free spins; 10 of them to be exact.

Like all slot machines; at the Copa has a wild card and in this slot machine game the wilds are represented by a picture of the ocean. The wild in this game can activate a variety of different bonuses including the gift of yet more At The Copa free spins.
Another bonus in this game is triggered when you spin 3 dancer symbols. This bonus round is quick and easy to follow; all you have to do is pick a dancer and watch to see whether or not your dancer is the winner.

But still the bonuses just keep on coming. Adding a little heat to your game is the At The Copa max win of 430,000 coins, which can be won by simply spinning chilli’s. Chili symbols unlock jackpots and there are 3 different ways in which chili symbols can win you coins. Spin 5 chili’s on any pay line for the smallest of the 3 wins called the “suave.” The “mediano” is triggered by spinning 5 chilli’s on just paylines 2 and 3. And finally we have the hottest of them all; the “caliente”. The “caliente” can be won by spinning 5 chilli’s; all of which must be on line one.

This game is more than jam packed full enough of dancing heat and plenty of spicy rewards to tickle your game buds.