Blackjack Pro table game is an exciting game from Net Entertainment that offers a unique Double Jack side bet option. You can select anywhere from one to three hands against the casino dealer. You can also bet up to a maximum limit for the hand on each hand that you select. You can place a side bet before the deal is initiated. The exciting Double Jack side bet can be played on the initial couple of cards in a hand. The maximum bet multiplier you can get in the Blackjack Pro table game is 100 times the amount of your bet.

Double Jack side bet

The double jack side bet has to be placed after the standard Blackjack bet before the dealing of the cards. This bet will win if the first card in the standard hand is a jack or if the first couple of cards in the regular hand are a pair of jacks. The bet is lost if the first card in the regular hand of the Blackjack is not a jack. When you get lucky and the initial hand gives you two jacks of spades, then the extra bet gets multiplied by a hundred.

Betting Options

Blackjack Pro table game can be played with three hands instead of the standard five. The best thing to do is to begin with a Blackjack Pro low limit. The lower limit in the regular Blackjack games is 1.00 but Blackjack Pro table game offers you a minimum bet of 0.10. The bets can be between 0.10 and 5.00. The available options are from 0.10 to 40.00. If you are among those types of players who like to take higher risks to get the thrill out of a game, then you can go for the higher limit betting option between 25.00 and 40.00.

Blackjack skills

You need luck more than sharpening of any skills when you play the Blackjack Pro table game. It is more a game of chance. If you familiarise yourself with actions such as Stand, Insurance, Hit, Split, and Double, you can probably have more control on the game’s outcome and expect increased payouts. The Return to Player Rate in Blackjack Pro table game is 99.53%. The normal payout is 3:2 while the Insurance payout is 2:1.