Get ready for the boom!

Boomanji slot machine is another game from Betsoft that takes a typical old school slot machine set up and gives it something fresh and exciting. Boomanji starts off with a boom, literally. The screen booms and fireworks create a pleasing display for the eyes; and that’s before the game has even started.

Boom! There it is!

Boomanji is a slot machine that definitely doesn’t disappoint and delivers in every aspect that you would want a game like this to.

One thing that Boomanji supplies is an exciting and colourful firework theme, which it uses to help notify you of any winning lines that you have. Every time that you spin a winning combination you will receive a firework display notifying you of this; which both excites and entertains.

While Boomanji only has one bonus feature, it ensures that it is not a disappointing one. If a player spins a firework crate, 3 wild tiles will immediately appear, and create winning combinations. As with all good slot machine games you will also occasionally receive Boomanji free spins after you have received a wild tile.

Although Boomanji does not have lots of bonus features throughout gameplay, it certainly won’t get you bored, as there are lots of winning combinations and lots of prizes to be won; including a Boomanji max win of 5,000 coins; definitely more than fair in this game.

The Boomanji slot machine manages to entertain and grab your attention with its amazing graphics, colourful, and noisy display and won’t bore you since there is something always sure to happen during your gameplay; whether it be an exploding firework crate, a Boomanji free spin bonus or a fabulous, not so disappointing 5,000 coin Boomanji max win.
The only feature that stands apart in this game and makes it diferent from other slot machine games in the gaming world is that instead of your typical standard 30 pay line, this game only has 10; meaning that you can increase your game time as you will get more spins for your money. This slot machine is definitely worth giving a spin.