For 3D gaming, no other casino games company comes close to BetSoft. Boasting a wide variety of slot machines, BetSoft uses state of the art 3D models and unique animations to bring an immersive gaming experience to players regardless of their experience with slot machines. BetSoft’s games can be found on countless online casinos–and for good reason given their beauty, complexity, and mobile accessibility. Check out some of BetSoft’s games below, or read on for more information about BetSoft’s games.

BetSoft Casinos

Despite being relatively new to the online casino market, players will have an easy time finding a BetSoft casino. This is because of BetSoft’s ease of use and popularity with players. Betsoft casino games fit into any online casino easily thanks to their robust catalog of games to choose from. Ranging from slots to table games, BetSoft casino games cover everything that a player might look for.

BetSoft Slots

With BetSoft slots, players can have an unparalleled experience. BetSoft utilizes a new form of a classic slot machine: video slots. Rather than having simplistic animations like other online slots or light-up displays like their offline counterpart, BetSoft aims for telling a robust story through fantastic visuals. BetSoft slot machines deliver dynamic videos, and not just at the beginning. Certain cutscenes, just like what a player would expect in any other video game, play when bonuses are triggered or minigames start up. BetSoft slots often have colorful characters as well that react to what the player wins on each spin, and some games even have characters that directly increase the odds of the player winning. This dynamic use of 3D video delivers an entirely new gaming experience for players.

BetSoft Free Slots

As with its competitors, BetSoft slots include several free options for players to enjoy. BetSoft free slots can be found on any website that offers BetSoft slot machines, as all BetSoft machines can be played in a free-play mode. During that mode, players can’t win real money, but they can play for as long as they want without needing to so much as register for a site. If they choose to register at a site, however, BetSoft offers many options for players to gain a bonus. Depending on the casino, this translates to a different amount of free spins on specific slot machines. BetSoft also has promotional codes that it gives out to casinos who can then pass them onto players so that they can receive tokens to use. These tokens act as free spins, but with a twist: rather than a set bet number, players can choose how many tokens to put down on a spin. The more tokens that they add to a spin, the more that they can win–but the fewer spins they can get. This gives players the flexibility to take a risk to win more, or play it safe to get more chances to win.