NetEntertainment, or NetEnt as it’s more commonly known, is one of the premier companies behind many of the fun slot machines available online today. Players at online casinos will be familiar with the NetEnt brand name, as they cover a wide variety of entertaining and colorful slots for players to enjoy. However, slots aren’t the only thing that NetEnt is known for. NetEnt covers a broad range of online casino games, with an ever-expanding selection that is sure to cater to anyone and everyone.

NetEnt Slots

Players are most likely familiar with the variety of NetEnt slots on the market. NetEnt slot machines are known for loading fast on even the most sluggish computers, and even come with robust mobile support. The company behind these slots is always looking to improve on them as well, with their proudest achievement being the introduction of the progressive jackpot. This jackpot grows as more players play on the same slot machine, meaning that the more popular a game is, the bigger the reward potential is–and the greater competition there is for that reward. NetEnt slots are often only identifiable by the introduction screen, as they vary wildly in style, genre, and bonuses. The company assures that their machines are designed to have a greater than 90% payout rate–giving players the highest chance of success when compared to the offline competition.

NetEnt Free Spins

NetEnt takes great pains to ensure that casinos and players alike have a good time. To do this, NetEnt offers two great features: free spins, and no deposit play. NetEnt free spins are something that casinos can implement to give new players a set number of free spins on a selected slot machine. These free spins work with NetEnt no deposit to allow new players to try out a game for free while still having a chance to win. This is obviously a great thing for players, but it’s even better for online casinos. The no deposit play means that players can register and give a slot machine a set number of free spins, and if they win, they can either choose to make a deposit to collect their winnings, or withdraw a portion of their winnings if the casino allows it. NetEnt free spins don’t stop there, either: casinos can additionally offer more free spins with every deposit, rewarding players for continued loyalty and activity.

NetEnt Games

Not a fan of slots? NetEnt games are not limited to slot machines alone! Fans of blackjack and roulette will be happy to know that NetEnt carries both of these popular casino games. NetEnt blackjack and NetEnt roulette both provide players with a life-like rendition of the offline experience, featuring a realistic table to play on and a variety of versions of each game. NetEnt also offers live versions of these games, allowing players to get the real-deal experience without ever once leaving the comfort of their home.