Casino Bonuses

We've compiled a list of the best deposit bonus offers from online casinos

What are casino bonuses and how can you get them?

Casino bonuses boost your bankroll and some can be withdrawn while others cannot. Many online casinos offer lucrative bonuses to both newbie and existing players. Check out the list of deposit bonuses for SlotPrince players from online casinos.

When you look up information about online casinos, you will find mentions of bonuses in various sizes and under various conditions. There are many kinds of bonuses and the good thing is… if you were going to pay money to play and then you get a bonus for that, you will do much better with your bankroll.
The most common casino bonuses:

No Deposit Bonuses

This means that whether you make a deposit or not, you will still get an ample bonus to start playing with. However, note that for this kind of bonus, you may not be allowed to withdraw the money that you win with it until you deposit money to a certain amount, could be even up to 40 times of the bonus in some online casinos.
While many online casinos will use the phrase “no deposit bonus” arbitrarily, it is best to be cautious, because there could be a deposit required. Sometimes, this could be as little as $1. Some, however, will give you a bonus without any deposit at all.

The no deposit bonus is mostly given to newbie players who have just signed up.

Signup Bonuses

This could also be the no deposit bonus, but in most cases, it is different. For example, you might be promised $5000 in bonus money when you sign up, but it could be divided into several parts. For example, just as soon as you complete the signing up process, $50 is credited to your account. You can only use this money to play, since it cannot be withdrawn.

Deposit Bonuses

With this kind of bonus, you will get a certain amount after you make a deposit into your account. It could be given every time you make a deposit, or again, it could be given on the first deposit that you make when you sign up. In some cases, the casino matches the deposit dollar for dollar as a bonus. However, like most other casino bonuses, it cannot be withdrawn and if it can, certain conditions have to be met.

Other types of casino bonuses are available for the newbie as well as for advanced players. However, the bonuses are not standard. They differ from one casino to another.