You get an opportunity to play against the dealer at the casino in Casino Hold‘Em poker table game. It is a dealer involved game. A unique feature in Casino Hold‘Em is the introduction of the AA bonus. You have to unfold a pair of aces or a higher combination on your first round of cards to cash out this bonus.

Game Play

The game will begin with the placement of an ante or the preference of the AA bonus bet. 2 cards will be dealt after this choice section. Initial cards will be dealt to the casino dealer and yourself. 3 community cards will be dealt with, face up in the centre of the table and this is known as `FLDP’.

When you check out your initial two cards and the three community cards, you can make a decision on either calling or folding. When you fold, you have to forfeit this round. You will lose your bets and the AA bonus winnings. Should you take a decision to continue, your ante gets doubled after the bonus bets are paid out. The dealer then deals 2 community cards which are known as the `turn’; following this, the dealer will show the hand of cards and will compare against your hand. It has to be noted that the dealer must have a pair of 4s or higher to qualify for consideration. If the dealer fails in this criterion, then you can keep your ante and call bet. Should the dealer qualify, it is known as a `push’ if both the hands are equal to one another; you will get your ante and call bets back. If you are higher, your ante wins will be paid out on the pay table.

Maximum Bets

The bets will range from 1.00 to 100.00. The maximum bet on the AA bonus is 50.00 and it can be placed after the ante has been set. The results will be based on the values of the two initial cards that you get along with the three flop cards. The AA bonus pays 25:1 when you have a flush or higher. A pair of aces will get you a pay out of 7:1.