Casumo Casino: An Online Gambling Experience for Everyone

For gambling in the UK, Casumo Casino can’t be beat. The bonuses can start adding up immediately, with many games having their own bonuses built-in. That coupled with the variety of games available to the player makes it an enticing and rewarding experience for both newbie players and veteran gamblers.

Ease of Use

Casumo Casino’s layout is clean and refined, with an emphasis on being able to dive right in. The clean layout translates easily to its mobile app, which maintains the same ease of use as the browser version of the casino. Players can view the available games without even needing to register an account; in addition, players can try out the games before registering. This makes the website feel more transparent, as nothing is locked behind a paywall. Since there is no up-front registration fee, players can immediately jump in and try it out without feeling as though they might immediately lose money. Casumo Casino’s site layout allows players to see when others win, too, giving a sense of competition as well as a sense of how frequently games are won. Casumo Casino gives a detailed walkthrough of how to play slot machines, including how they payout and how different wagers work, upon registering for an account. While more experienced players most likely will not need this, it still gives less experienced players a chance to better understand the mechanics of the games.

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Unlike some online casinos, Casumo Casino allows players to withdraw money free of charge. Skrill and Neteller instantly withdraw, while the more traditional VISA and bank account options take 1-3 days to process. Casumo Casino also has a detailed FAQ to help users with any issues they might have, ranging from issues with withdrawals and deposits to issues with the technical aspects of running games in their browsers or on mobile. In addition, Casumo Casino has a live chat feature for any issues that players might need resolved that aren’t found in the FAQ. When the live chat feature is down, players can instead leave a message for support and expect to hear back as soon as live chat has returned.


There are several types of Casumo bonus perks that players can immediately take advantage of. The Casumo no deposit bonus gives players a small starter boost that allows them to start gambling right away without needing to make a deposit first. This combines with Casumo free spins to give players an excellent jump start. Once the player chooses to make a deposit, they are immediately rewarded with 200 more free spins and a bonus of up to 50 GBP deposited in their account. Players can earn an incredible combined total of 1200 GBP from their first five deposits.

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The bulk of any casino experience, of course, should be the games. Casumo Casino has a whopping 170 unique games to play, ranging from horror (Aliens Video Slot) to more familiar (Black Jack) and everything inbetween. Some games have the option to be played for free in order to try them out, giving the player a chance to decide what game they will enjoy the most. Some games have in-game free spin bonuses as well, complementing Casumo Casino’s free spins that are universal for all games. Games range in value from playing as little as .01 GBP to 50 GBP per spin, giving the player the opportunity to lengthen their playtime regardless of how much they have deposited. Casumo also poses challenges to the players that are free to opt-in to, wherein a player can choose to complete a certain set of gaming tasks to compete for cash prizes.

Overall, Casumo Casino is a must-play for both the gambling enthusiast and the newcomer to the scene, guaranteed to give everybody a chance at winning big.

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