Dresden wins £200 on the Mega Joker slot machine

When people think of winning big, they usually aim for big gambles. Not Tyler. Dresden, 27, believes that it’s better to gamble small. He signed up for Casumo Casino’s online gambling after reading about the Mega Joker machine. His girlfriend initially scoffed, but was won over when she heard that Casumo was a free spin no deposit casino. Casumo free spins looked like it would stack up quickly, while Casumo’s free spin no deposit would give Tyler a quick boost on that with 20 free spins just for registering.

Dresden prefers to use leftover money from the week to gamble, something which made the Mega Joker machine appealing. The speediness of each spin made it all the more appealing, as he could get into a gambling groove fast. Most of the payouts helped to fuel more chances at the big winnings, too. “Mega Joker works a bit differently than most machines,” Dresden booted it up to explain, pointing at the two separate windows on the virtual machine. “You spin to win on the bottom window here, and once you win, it goes up into the top for bigger payouts.”

The Mega Joker operates as most fruit machines do, with the added chance at bigger earnings through in by the Joker tile. That was ultimately what lead Dresden to his win. “I got up top with triple lemons, diagonal. The points from that filled up in the Supermeter here.” The Supermeter is essentially a second tier of play; the player can choose to cash out, or they can play with their winnings in the Supermeter window to try and earn more. His first spin in the Supermeter came up blank, but he had enough for two more Supermeter spins, so he gave it a go.

“Second try was the charm, in this case. Got three Jokers along the bottom there.” The Joker tiles can be a random number ranging from 100 coins to 2,000 coins, which can quickly add up with the right multipliers. £200 doesn’t seem like much at first, but Dresden says that he challenges anyone to find a better payout. “I mean, think about it. It only took £1 to get that, and if I had a Casumo free spin, I would have won more.” When asked if he might make another deposit to get some more free spins, he laughed. “Absolutely; just about no downside to it, is there?”