Emily H. “takes a bite” out of Bloodsuckers with a £750 win

Emily Hawthorne from Spalding wins £750 on BGO’s Bloodsuckers game, plans to purchase a better drawing tablet for her digital drawing work.

For Emily, gambling was something new. “I always pictured a casino as being some smoky, dimly lit place that smelled weird and cost too much money to be in,” Emily quipped smartly, her nose scrunched up. “I much preferred the thought of going online and finding a casino there.”

BGO’s offer of free spins no deposit drew her in. “I’d heard of free spins no deposit casinos before,” Emily stated, shaking her head, “But BGO Casino looked like it was the most professional. The games might look a little silly, but what matters to me is that the company behind them is all business.” She found BGO’s detailed terms of service, multiple FAQs, and multiple forms of customer support to be a comfort, especially since real money could very well be on the line if she won.

She didn’t choose a game initially; there were too many games to pick from, none of which she had any experience playing before. Most of the games were too loud or glitzy for her to want to keep open, but Bloodsuckers caught her eye in terms of how it looked. “Vampires, well, proper vampires, never end up being too loud or glitzy. I figured, why not give it a shot?” Emily smirked. “I was not in the least bit disappointed with it, obviously.”

Bloodsuckers itself gave her a bit of a thrill to play. “I like games that have subtle music, and Bloodsuckers had this soft, musical wind blowing as its song,” Emily snapped her fingers. “And the art? To die for. I love an art style that has thick line work–some of the tiles would translate perfectly into tattoos.”

Emily had only planned to play for fun with her extra money, as she currently earns her paychecks through freelance drawing. When she won £750, however, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. “I’ve been looking at this drawing tablet for a little over a year now, and while I’ve had the spare quid here and there, I’ve never had enough to throw down in one go. Bloodsuckers might not have earned me thousands, but I think that’s a pretty solid win considering that I only put down £10.” When asked if she would continue to play, she nodded. “I started playing as a fun way to spend some extra money; why stop playing now? Who knows when I might win again.”