Fisticuffs Boxes Aslaug to A Winning Corner

FisticuffsNo free spins and no hefty progressive jackpots for the Fisticuffs slot machine, but that does not mean that you cannot take home some excellent cash prizes.

It will not be a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather kind of bout, but it sure is a great slot machine from NetEntertainment for you to win awesome cash prizes. Well, at least Aslaug Jensenn found that out when she took home a good amount of money. There may not be a jackpot in this video slot game, but there are still some good amounts of money that you can win.

Our winner from Bradford in the UK was beside herself with joy after playing and winning on slot machines online at Karamba casino. Aslaug, 26, confessed that she had never won anything in her life and was somewhat convinced that she was jinxed.

“I was actually playing to pass time and then, as the fists started flying, I became even more immersed in the game, to such an extent that I played for three hours non-stop!”

Hardly did she know that this was the day that a game that has a 1900 theme would bring her a lot of luck and convince her that… her playing time was not wasted time.

Why did she choose this video slot machine? “Well, I have loved boxing for a long time. I must have been a pugilist in another life.” She quips. “Therefore, I felt that this game resonated very well with me and I loved it right away. The fact that I had played on other NetEnt slot machines before convinced me that I would enjoy this one. And I did.” She adds.

As Aslaug says, somehow, the lack of a progressive jackpot in this video slot makes it much easier to play than other slot machines. The idea is to hit the 5 reels with the maximum coin value. In addition, that you can bet as little as 20 pence and as much as £200 makes it much easier to manage your bankroll.

Aslaug won 500 coins on the slot machine Fisticuffs. Well, seems like she sure boxed her way to a win here, and it seems like the 96.7% payout on this slot game paid off for her. What does she plan to do? Play some more, of course.