Fruit Shop Makes Mauro from Manchester Much Richer

Fruit ShopWith Fruit Shop, you will experience the shortest load times and excellent quality, because this is one of the smart slot games from NetEntertainment.

Mauro from Manchester got in touch with us after a win on the Fruit Shop slot machine. Mauro took home a handsome sum of £90,000, yes, I know, you too are wowed, just as we were. However, you know what you too could win big. It just takes persistence and determination. Well, here is what 61 year-old Mauro had to say.

“I have played slot machines for a long time. I started with the traditional casino slots and when they took the game online, I followed it there. So, I know what winning is and what losing is. Was I surprised? You bet I was… this was the biggest win of my life. If I was younger, I would do all sorts of things.” He says.

At his age, I couldn’t help asking how the retired marine engineer would compare the online slot machines at Thrills online casino, with more traditional slots.

“Well, no animations, no sound effects in slot machines online would beat the experience of playing in a local casino. However, the comfort of playing from the living room is too great for me, especially now that I am recovering from arthritis”, he says. “Online is much easier and anyway, the internet is most probably the future of everything now.” He says with a chuckle.

We couldn’t agree more with his sentiments. Anyone can participate in the Fruit Shop slot machine. Once you participate, you stand to win a tidy sum of money.

What will Mauro do with the money? “Well, except maybe buy medication for my arthritis, I will pretty much use most of it on my grandchildren. Those rascals now … they can count on treats for now and in the future from their grandpa,” he says with a chuckle. “I am an old man. It is mostly not about me now, but it’s about my grandchildren”.

Well, I must admit that among all the winner stories I have interviewed, Mauro’s slot machine Fruit Shop win touched me most. So selfless and clearly, lots of love for his grandchildren.

He says he will continue playing video slots and he wonders what else is there for him to do, except play. Well, I hope he wins some more.