Sinful excitement awaits you!

Betsoft has an enticing game to satisfy the good and bad in all of us. Good Girl Bad Girl slot machine is a game of devilish luck while offering angelic prizes.

Naughty or nice?

Good girl bad girl offers a different approach to slot machines. It gives the option of a dial, which can either be turned to your angel or your devil; giving you a 15 line game. Alternatively, the dial can be set to both allowing for a 30 line game.

Switching from good girl to bad girl also changes the way in which lines are paid out. Turning your dial towards the good girl pays out left to right and awards any pay outs to the good girl. So, it’s no surprise that turning the dial to your bad girl switches pay outs; right to left with the bad girl getting the wins. Being neutral falls in everyone’s favour, as it pays out on both left to right and right to left and awards pay outs to the appropriate girl.

Playing as a bad girl means a bigger risk, but a better pay out as wilds deliver a 1-4x multiplier and 5 wilds will earn you 1000 coins. However, being good gives wins more often, but only offers a 1-2x multiplier and only gives 500 coins for 5 wilds.

During Good Girl Bad Girl slot machine, the pay outs of wilds vary dependent on which girl your dial points too; however, all other symbols pay the same regardless of where the dial is pointing. One enjoyable feature of the wild symbols is the addition of a halo as the good girl’s symbol and pitchfork as the bad girl’s.

As well as various multipliers, you have the chance to play the bonus game money wheel, which offers Good Girl Bad Girl free spins as a prize, giving out up to 20 free spins at a time.

This great game also offers a heavenly Good Girl Bad Girl max win of 1,170,000 coins; whilst also giving fantastic graphics, sinfully sexy characters and easy straight forward game play.