What lies ahead? Ask the Gypsy herself.

Do you believe in Luck or Fate?

Bestsoft gaming program has been producing a real life Casino experience games with a touch of art and technology. Who would ever thought that you can make a money out of Rose, the Gypsy? Well, find your future as you pave way in the world of Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose slot machine was released by the Bestsoft gaming online company pact with real-life scenarios.  The Gypsy Rose is a modern fortune telling 3D animated programmed casino game, which is designed with traditional and tribal custom ambiance powered by a great storyline based on ancient mystical gifts of gypsies- Fortune Telling.

You are aware that you can make your own future, right? That is the purpose of this slot machine. It may show you that humans are hoping to have good luck in the future by looking at the crystal ball; however, the reality of winning depends on how firm you want to win in your own game of life.

Keep your eyes on the Game!

The real life experience of sound and images as the reel spins especially when you get the Gypsy Rose freespins is made by the EXPANDICON™ program by the Bestsoft company. It helps you feel the thrill of spinning like a real Casino game.

What more can you ask for? Aside from playing to win, you are playing with a life-like beautiful daring woman who appears on the slot machine to win more cash. You will be entertained with the graphics and the 3D effects of all the characters in the Gypsy Rose game.

Do not be deceived by the beauty you see, you have to focus on the game to win and bet properly. Always remember that the game depends on how you wisely spend your money. The Gyspsy Rose max win is 336,000 coins.

Make your own future!

You will notice some effects in the Gypsy Rose game like tarot cards, love potion, crow, magic book and crystal ball appear on the slot machines. You have to remember that the more consistent each symbols appears straight in the slot machine, the more chances of winning.

If you can do that, then you can set your future to win.