Jackson wins £7,500 on the Robin Hood Slot Machine at Casumo Casino.

A man won 7,500 GBP after visiting the Casumo Casino for the first time. Paulie Jackson had just recently signed up for the gambling website when he decided to use the Robin Hood Slot Machine. Paulie claims that he utilized several of Casumo bonus perks in order to maximize his earnings.

“When I signed up, I checked over all of the bonuses to see how to maximize my chances at winning,” Paulie was all smiles, with the slightest tremble to his voice. When asked what bonuses he used in particular, Paulie didn’t have to give it much thought. Free spins no deposit.”

Paulie was of course referring to the popular free spin no deposit casino incentive that is making waves online; Casumo Casino offers 20 free spins without a deposit. Paulie won on a free spin, which gave him just enough of a bonus to win big on his next spin. If not for that free spin, he would have won a fraction of his earnings. The Robin Hood Slot Machine racks up several bonuses on its own by adding a twist to the typical slot machine design. The trademarked “Shifting Reels” function of the game combined with a 5x modifier and the earnings from his free spin to net him nearly 6,000 GBP more than he would have initially won. Paulie still has a free spin remaining, thanks to the Robin Hood feature of the game; a feature which lets him keep that free spin for up to one year.

When asked about what he planned to do with his winnings, Paulie mentioned wanting to go on a vacation to France. Not in Paris, however, as Paulie was never a fan of tourist-crowded cities. He’s hoping to rent a car so that he can drive around in the countryside. Ideally, he wants to find the perfect spot to setup his tripod and take some photographs. Without the win, he doubted that he would be able to justify the cost of a rental or taking the time off.

He also plans to split the remainder of his winnings in two. Half of it will go into renovations in his living room, with the other half going straight into his Casumo Casino account. As he put it: “Since it’s just my third deposit, I’ll be getting a 50% deposit bonus on it!”