The Mad Scientist slot machine is a fun game, very enticing and with amazing graphics. It is a 5 reel and 25-payline game. Just like in a real science laboratory, here, you will find many symbols like test tubes, Tesla coil, and so on. The idea here is to test the turn to gold serum to prepare for an experiment where the serum will be dripped on to random objects and turn them into gold, silver or bronze. You will get four objects to choose from and once you have chosen one, the mad scientist drips the serum onto the object and turns it into silver, bronze or gold. All three have rewards albeit different, with gold having the highest one.

Like most of the slot machines that we have in the market today, the coin denominations for Mad Scientists slot range from 2 cents to $0.50 and this gives you a great chance to bet as much as you want, since the coin range is low enough.
What do you have to do? Just match symbols across the active paylines and each symbol has a different prize. Some have high values and others have low values, but when you are playing for the fun as much as for the money, you know any bonus is quite welcome. For example, if you can match the microscope symbols across three paylines, you will get 50 credits. If you can match five microscopes, you will get 200 credits.

The symbol with the highest value

This must be the electric ball, which is liable to earn you up to 1000 credits for every coin that you wagered. If you were playing the maximum bet, you stand a chance of winning $2500. However, note that you can only have a shot at the jackpot if you are playing maximum bet.

How can you get Mad Scientist free spins? Of course, by unlocking more credits. If you could get that Tesla Coil icon on the first and fifth paylines or on the 2nd or 3rd paylines, you will trigger the Wild’o’Cution special feature and then the Tesla Coil icons will be activated and convert all icons between them to extra wild symbols, which will give you more opportunities to win extra credits.

More special features

To get the Mad Scientist max win $2500, you will have to use all the special features, which include the Scatter symbol which will get you 250 credits, “Click M” bonus symbols, which are going to earn you up to 550 credits immediately and so on.