Mark F. of Derby wins £15,000 at BGO’s online casino

Mark Franken won it big after four days of exclusively playing on BGO’s Jack Hammer game, plans to renovate kitchen to chase chef dreams.

Mark is an unassuming man, with a receding hairline and a warm, happy face. “It’s almost not even about the money, really,” Mark says with a little smile. “I’ve always been fond of comics, you see, but it’s not quite right for a man as old as me to be purchasing them. Jack Hammer gave me an outlet for that.”

Jack Hammer’s comic book aesthetic drew him in not long after he joined BGO’s site. BGO is one of several free spin no deposit casino choices on the internet, boasting 20 free spins for registering. When asked if that had been part of the reason why Mark chose BGO, he laughed. “Well it certainly was a selling point! Free spins no deposit? Sounded too good to be true, really. But I looked into it, and sure enough, as soon as I registered it gave me my free spins, and off I went.”

Mark had initially joined BGO Casino to try his hand at Blackjack, a game which he hadn’t played in over a decade, but found Jack Hammer’s art to be alluring. “Sorry Blackjack, but I fell in love with a new sort of Jack on that day,” Mark chuckled. His free spins gave him some money, but he wanted to try his hand at winning big. He was surprised to find that depositing gave him even more free spins, giving him even more chances at winning. He hadn’t expected to win much, especially since he wasn’t planning on depositing more than £100. Instead, he found himself floored when a combination of free spins and paid spins eventually lead to him winning a stunning £15,000.

He plans to use the £15,000 to completely renovate his kitchen to have all of the modern workings of a 5-star restaurant. “My dream job was to be a chef, the sort that you see on TV. For now, I think I’m going to settle for fixing up my kitchen, you know, making it a bit bigger and upgrading the appliances.” Mark had a twinkle in his eye as he pointed over to his laptop. “I bet that I could set that up to make some Youtube videos of myself cooking, too, might get myself started as an internet chef!”