Markus D. Wins £1,000 on Arabian Nights

Markus Dillon surprises sister with a shopping spree when she came home from university thanks to winning on Arabian Nights, sets aside extra for more chances to play.

“My sister doesn’t come home from university often, not when she goes in Canada,” Markus reflected, “So I wanted to do something special for her.” Initially, Markus had planned on going with her to see a movie, or taking her out to eat. He didn’t want her to feel like she was a burden, so he didn’t want to spend all year saving up.

By chance, Markus found himself looking up free spin no deposit casino online services, as he wanted to scratch an old gambling itch without breaking bank. “When I first found BGO Casino, I told my dad that it’d be a riot if I actually won anything,” He snickered, “Dad thought I was batty for even trying, honestly.”

The free spins no deposit perk that BGO offered allowed Markus to have 20 free spins just for signing up, which he quickly supplemented by dropping in £50. At first, he wasn’t even using all of his allotted daily free spins. “They [BGO] gave me 180 extra free spins when I made my deposit, split up by 20 free spins a day. I was only using around 10 or so a day, I really wasn’t taking advantage of it.”

When Markus came upon Arabian Nights, however, that changed.

“I fell in love with it,” Markus murmured, eyes shining, “I always loved the sounds of crickets, and the game’s music was just that and a dog barking. It reminded me a bit of when we used to live out in Blackwell, back before we moved to London.”

Then, Markus started using all of his free spins on it. Despite depositing £50, he had never needed to touch it; his free spins were always giving him just enough to satisfy his itch with every day. It wasn’t until one particularly stormy evening that Markus decided to sit down and play until he exhausted his £50.

He dipped down to £17 left in his account when he won the jackpot at the time, £1,000. “I was just gobsmacked,” Markus said with a grin. Markus plans to take his sister shopping as soon as she comes home, surprising her with a £1,000 spending cap.

“Whatever she doesn’t end up spending is going right back into BGO,” Markus added, looking hopeful, “I might win again, after all; and if not, well, it’s all in good fun.”