Myers wins £2000 an unbelievable three times in a row.

Elizabeth Myers, 20, has been a member of Casumo Casino for just one month. Casumo Casino is a popular free spin no deposit casino online, giving 20 free spins to users upon registration. Her initial interest in the gambling site was driven not only by the hope of winning, but by the rewards program as well. Her very first spin came from the free spins no deposit bonus, and while she came up empty, she wasn’t discouraged. Not every spin can be a win, after all.

However, through patience and careful betting, she managed to accrue a healthy amount of Casumo free spins, giving her the chance to maximize her earning potential. With four free spins saved up, she opted to give the Mega Fortune–her favorite game–another try. The first spin turned up blank, but what happened after that shocked her: she proceeded to win 2,000 GBP three times in a row, netting her a win of £6,000 total.

When asked what she planned to do with the money, she waved one hand at the calendar over her shoulder. “Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Holidays are right around the corner, and my mum’s got her birthday coming up soon, too. I’m putting almost all of it in savings so I can get everybody something nice this year. I might even have enough to get mum to Spain; she’s always wanted to be there for New Years.”

But Myers doesn’t see this as a time to quit playing, either. The Mega Fortune slots have multiple jackpots, with a pooled Mega Jackpot that nears €4,000,000 (almost 3,000,000 GBP). Myers has her eyes set on the major prize, hoping to invest the earnings into her start-up clothing line. “With that, I could easily open up a shop proper instead of just using Etsy.” She remains optimistic that winning it isn’t just a dream, either. “Mega Fortune seems to payout often enough that I almost never stop with a deficit for the day. Even if it’s just a small amount, I can keep myself afloat.” Myers brought up a prior win where she’d managed to hang in with just enough to spin one more time on the lowest bet, earning £150. This recent win marks her first major jackpot, but given that she hasn’t been with the site for long, she fully expects that it won’t come even close to being her last win.