Pinocchio is a Real Boy

Watch Pinocchio come to life as you play the Bestsoft Pinocchio slot machine casino game.  Bestsoft transforms the classic story book character Pinocchio from wooden puppet to a real boy in a more exciting and adventurous way.

How to play Pinocchio Slot Machine

The mission of the game is for you to win more money while betting low. You will encounter “real-boy” mini symbol, which lets you get closer to shifting to the next level. Unlocking the next level gives you more cash and transforms Pinocchio to a Real boy. Likewise when you are in a Real Boy mode, you will collect mini wood-boy symbols to return to your wooden mode.

It’s a fun game where you can play in 3 different worlds. First is the Gepetto world, where you can see the carpenter and creator of Pinocchio, the second world is ‘The Classroom’ where Pinocchio desires to be just like all other boys, and last world is ‘The Stage’ where Pinocchio ultimately ends up letting everyone see that he is just a puppet!

The World of Pinocchio

The Pinocchio slot machine begins with the world of Gepetto. In this world you will experience 5 reels and 15 paylines. As you play along you will win different symbols. If you collect more ‘Books’ symbols, you will be qualified to go to the second world ‘The Classroom’ where you can enjoy the game in the virtual world. If you collect more ‘Wagon’ symbols you will proceed to ‘The Stage’ where you enjoy the thrills of the puppet world.

Let’s Win

The best part in every reel shift is to get the wild symbols for Pinocchio free spins. The more free spins you get, the more chances of winning. Pinocchio max win is 500 times! Betsoft maintains the beauty and challenge in their every online casino 3D game slot machines.

You can really say that this game is very unique. This is a spinning reel game and at the same time an entertainment by watching Pinocchio transforms. The real man is the man who can transform Pinocchio into a Real Boy.