In the Pirate’s Gold slot machine, you will be able to sink enemy ships with the help of cannon and hit the ships with the golden key wild symbol to move on to bonus games so that you can add to your current winnings. This is one of those slot machines that gives you a nice blend of both classic and modern video game designs.
You have to be on the lookout for the pirate coin. When three pirate coins appear on a play line, you get a bonus game. You have to operate the cannon and sink enemy boats for the treasure loot. There is one ship, which will hide a golden key and if you are the lucky pirate to sink that ship, you will get another bonus game where you have to guide a parrot to use the golden key to open one of the five chests in an abandoned cave.

  • 5 Reels
  • 9 Pay Lines
  • Minimum Bet: 0.10
  • Maximum Bet: 9.00

Betting options

You can start betting on any of the nine betting lines. When you choose to play with a single bet line, you can offer a minimum bet of 0.10 and when you play with nine bet lines, the bets will be a minimum of 0.90. The maximum bet will cover all the nine betting lines at 10 coins per line or 90.00. Pirate’s Gold is perfect for you, if you like to keep your risks to a low level and like to build up the game gradually as there will be ninety different bets available.


The symbols are a treasure chest, pirate coins, shells, rings, cannons, parrots, skulls, and crossbones. These symbols will give you twenty-three different winning combinations.

Bonus Games

There are no Pirate’s Gold free spins for you, but there are a couple of bonus features that you can expect with the pirates’ theme. The first feature gets activated when three gold coins get aligned on one bet line. You have to select your enemy and activate your cannons to reveal your wins in the end. Once you have sunk your enemy ships, you will go on to the next round to get the treasure. You can pick one treasure chest out of three numbers to unlock big rewards. In terms of the bonus involved with the treasure chest, you have to guide a parrot who has a golden key to open the chest for you to get the random jackpot and a Pirate’s Gold Max Win of 9000 coins.