The main aim of the European Roulette Pro table game is to predict the correct box out of the boxes numbered 0 to 36 where the ball is likely to end up at. You have to make a single bet or a combination of wagers. As soon as you have placed your bet and clicked on `Spin’, the roulette wheel will whirl. The ball always rolls in the exact opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel and it spins around the rim of the wheel to end up in a random number slot.


A symbol is placed in the wager field on the number that is selected and this is displayed on the notice or bulletin board. The bets that fail are removed from this table or board. If you place a wager on a winning number, this number is shown on the notice board. The billboard contents will vary based on the stage the game is placed in. The board will display the statistics of the previous fourteen winning numbers. The green number will always correspond to 0.

Game Play

It is simple to play the European Roulette Pro that was developed by Net Entertainment. You only need to select a chip value and place your wager. Then, you can spin the wheel and wait for the ball to settle down in that winning slot. The chip value you desire can be selected by clicking the chip at the right side at the bottom of your screen. You can finally place your bet or varied bets on the selected table.

So, go ahead and spin the European Roulette Pro fortune wheel. This game will deliver a class table gaming experience with an attractive billboard and a table. The flow of action will combine the all round aspects of an online as well as land-based physical casino roulette table. European Roulette was actually started in Europe in the eighteenth century and it is one of the oldest casino games. The roulette wheel was introduced by Blaise Pascal as a result of his pursuit of discovering a perpetual motion device that would generate indefinite or continuous motion without any source of energy, externally.

Betting Possibilities

There are several betting possibilities. The three most common are straight, split, and three line. A straight wager is for a specified single number. A split wager is a bet placed on two adjoining numbers and a three line is a bet placed on a row of three numbers. The chip denominations could range from 0.1 – 5,000.00. The returns on a straight up bet are 35:1; they are 17:1 on split bets and 5:1 on line bets.