Sarah Hastings wins £10,000 at Casumo Casino

Hastings almost didn’t believe her own luck when she won. Casumo Casino’s Gonzo’s Quest had been a fun pastime of hers for several weeks, as it played more like a casual game than a gambling machine. The game’s Avalanche mechanic made it so that you never knew how much your win was going to be, as each winning combination of tiles would break apart and be replaced by new tiles dropping in. For Hastings, this made her 10,000 GBP win even more unbelievable.

“The tiles just kept stacking, breaking, and stacking again,” Hastings enthused. “It started out with the blue tiles, the ones that look like they have a bird head on them? And after that I just had them stacking over and over again. It ended with the green tiles falling in place, and that’s when it went from a few thousand to ten thousand. I must have shouted loud enough that the neighbors heard me.” The Avalanche mechanic works so that each new Avalanche increases the multiplier, with only the highest win per bet line actually paying out. That combined with the green tiles, the most valuable tiles in the game, netted her a massive haul on just one 50 GBP spin.

For Hastings, the appeal of Casumo Casino had been in its free spins no deposit casino. A long-time fan of gambling, Hastings was always ready to take advantage of any rewards program offered. “Casumo’s bonuses were really just what I was looking for. Free spins can really add up in the long run, especially when you get some for each deposit.” Hastings had utilized the free spins no deposit early on in order to net herself some starter money, but once she used that she was delighted to find that her first deposit gave her a whopping two hundred free spins. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw how many spins they give away. I knew then that I was going to be with them for a long time.”

Her big win meant that she can finally realize a life-long dream of hers. “I’ve just never had the money before to go on such a trip.” Hastings plans to travel down to Australia in the summer, as that is during Australian winter, a cooler and more tolerable temperature for her. Thanks to her win, a Great Barrier Reef trip is finally on the horizon.