Sarah Wins Her Favorite Slot Machine – Flowers

FlowersThey are not the loveliest flowers you have ever seen in one bunch, but the slot machine by the Flowers name is indeed thrilling.

When Sarah Wilkin is 51 years old. She is the lucky flowers slot winner from Middlesbrough. She honed her slot playing skills in the traditional slot machines and when the online variety came into the market, she found playing at CasinoRoom was pretty much the same thing as playing the old slots.

Sarah has played on the slot machines online for a long time. She has won cash prizes of varying amounts, on some machines and won nothing on others. One thing that she agrees with is that she has had tremendous fun across different video slot games.

You too can be lucky like Sarah. She was lucky to get 10 spins after placing a 0.30 bet. First, she won £70, but that was not enough so she went for another round and bet 0.90 coin value. She was bombarded with different symbols mixed with roses at the slot machine.

That was indeed her day because after a few more tries, she took home a clean £2500, which explains why she was so elated when we spoke to her on the phone. We were happy for her too and we wish her all the best with parenthood.

The slot machine Flowers has been rated as a prolific slot where players can play and get a great experience as well as chances to win. If you get the free spin feature, you are halfway to win because it offers you 3 multipliers. If you are lucky enough, you can get a number of spins and you know the more the spins, the higher your chances of winning.

She knows the plan off-head. Set the win lines, from the 30 allowed ones, set the bet level and then set the coin value. And so on

What will Sarah do with the money? “Well, I have plans and continuing to play is one of them”, she says.

While there are many other more exciting slot machines, we wonder what made Sarah choose this one. “It is the flowers. I love flowers, and the simplicity of the game too”. She says.