Ready for a new sugar rush!

Sugar pop slot machine provides a great new twist on an old school slot machine by giving it a fresh and exciting new look, while also providing a social dimension for gamers by providing an in-game chatting option.

Perfect for a sweet tooth!

Sugar pop consists of cascading reels; meaning that payouts are both vertical and horizontal. But, its reels are not the only parts of gameplay that break with tradition. Sugar pop is also made up of 20 levels.

Each one of sugar pop’s levels can only be completed by the player earning point’s, which are awarded from winning lines. The number of points needed to progress through the levels increases as you move on through the game.

The game also provides level bonuses throughout gameplay. Sugar pop bonuses range from lollipops that rotate symbols and provide winning combinations; to a cotton candy tornado that affects the whole game board and like lollipops gives the player extra winning combinations.

There are plenty of sweet extras included in this slot machine to keep you playing. Like most slot machines this game’s bonus tiles are represented by items that are related to the game title. Just some of the items used include exploding candy canes, flying jelly beans, and crushing jawbreakers, just to mention a few.

Sugar pop slot machine is a great fun packed slot machine, which is both challenging with all its levels and rewarding with its special bonus candies, winning combinations and Sugar pop max win. All of which more than make up for the lack of free spins.

This colourful slot machine only has one downfall, which is that Sugar pop free spins don’t exist anywhere in the game, like they do in so many other slot machines. Sugar pop does, however, have a not too shabby Sugar pop max win of 2,500 points.

This slot machine all in all is a fantastic twist on the traditional and well-loved slots we all know. It provides plenty of excitement and unlockable bonuses to keep you playing until the bitter end.