Tyler H. Takes a Risk, Wins £20,000

Tyler Hanley was down to his last £500 in the bank when he won it big on Starburst, now plans to visit Japan.

It was a one-in-a-million shot for Tyler, as he wasn’t sure if he would get the last job that he applied for. “It was spur of the moment, really,” He muttered, “I was running out of options and feeling a bit blue, so I figured that I would take the £40 I was going to spend on a video game and deposit it in my BGO account instead.”

BGO is a free spins no deposit casino that gives users 20 free spins for registering. Tyler had almost decided against it, since he knew that gambling when you’re low on money isn’t a good idea, until he noticed that BGO Casino was offering an even more enticing free spins no deposit deal if he played Starburst on his phone.

The allure of playing on his phone coupled with 40 free spins convinced him to give it a shot, with BGO’s built-in options for placing a deposit cap assuring him that he wouldn’t get addicted and risk running his account into the read. “I needed a way to calm down since money was tight, not something else to make things worse,” Tyler joked.

Starburst’s simplicity was attractive to Tyler beyond the extra free spins; he just wanted something with flashy lights and colors that wasn’t an addictive nightmare like Bejeweled. “Starburst was a bit of a comfort, and after I used up my 40 free spins, I found that BGO gives you 180 more for the first deposit, so I put in my £40 and just came back to it every day.”

Tyler dropped his phone when the Starburst Wilds finally stopped at a staggering £20,000 prize. “I was honestly so shocked that I had to go on the website on my computer to see that it wasn’t kidding,” Tyler stated. Once he had confirmed his success, Tyler withdrew £15,000 and planned what to do.

“I figure that there’ll be work waiting when I get back. For now, I want to take a nice trip to Japan and enjoy myself.” Tyler plans to keep the remaining £5,000 in his BGO account for future gambling, hoping that he’ll win even more. “I finally get to have a nice vacation and stop worrying about work for once; all of that from this one big risk.”