Can you beat the monsters under the bed?

Under The Bed slot machine is a brilliantly titled 5 reel 30 line pay out slot machine game that takes you back to your childhood and the monsters that everyone believes they have living under their bed.

Go back to your childhood.

This game instantly transports you back to the time when, as a child, you would always check under your bed before sleeping, in case there were monsters there. This adds a great sense of familiarity to this game before you even start to play.

Although this game plays on the fears that we all had at one time or another in our childhood, it offers up a fair amount of rewards to keep you playing. The first of which is a Under The Bed max win of 105,000 credits, which is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Under The Bed slot machine definitely is straight forward and fun to play and keeps you wanting more by just giving up more with each spin. One of the bonus rounds in this game includes you playing with Jessie and Jane who are the 2 main characters that you are introduced to in this game. Jessie and Jane sit on their bed, while offering you 5 cards and all you do is simply pick one at random.

Under The Bed slot machine also has the obligatory wild symbol as well as under the bed free spins of which you can get up to 12 by just simply getting a mystery door symbol on your game board. The wild symbol is quite simple and is a monster with a rim around its tile making it nice and easy to spot during gameplay.

When 3 or more bed symbols appear on the game board you are swiftly transported to another bonus game where your task is to help Jessie and Jane fight off the monsters that are hiding under their bed.

Quite simply put; this a fast paced and exciting slot machine that will have you checking under the bed just like you did before.