When Fruit Case Juiced Casey’s Pockets With Cash

FRUIT CASEFruit Case is fun to play and it could just juice your wallet with a good cash prize.

Move the fruits along and eventually win by crushing them into mellow and lovely juice. This is what you are going to do when you play Fruit Case slot machine online. As we found out, this game has produced a number of winners and we were lucky enough to catch up with one of them, Casey, from Oxford in the UK who won £900 from a bet of £45 over at 7red casino after using the 7red free spins bonus. Seems like a fair exchange, no?

“I know that 900 quid sounds like a small deal to a seasoned gambler out there, but for me, I say that it is a good amount for 30 minutes of playing slot at 45 quid. Seems like a small cost to pay and of course I am very delighted with myself”. She says

“It was actually very easy to play on the slot machine FruitCase as Casey says because like all the other slot games, the wild symbol meant that she could squeeze the fruits for just some more juice. With each match of symbols on the bet lines, there will be a wild multiplier thus increasing the chances of winning for the player”. Casey says.

You too can be a lucky winner like Casey and with a little luck and precision; you can be take home a tidy amount that could boost your monthly budget a great deal. Being one of the smart games from Net Entertainment, you can be sure that you will not have one boring moment on this slot machine.

What advice does Casey have for newbie players? Playing on the slot machines is not rocket science and anyone can win. All you need to do is to understand the rules of the game. And then play consistently. Know the maximum bets and when you are feeling real lucky, bet more. For every spin in Fruit Case, players can bet up to £100, the maximum that one can bet for a single spin.

“Playing on the slot machines online is fun and I think most people put the money ahead of the fun. When you win your cash prize, you will actually be caught by surprise”. Casey says.