Are you clever enough to discover who spun it?

Who Spun It slot machine is a fabulously funny take on the murder mystery genre and word play of who done it? This game is far from disappointing and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Do you know who spun it?

Who spun it slot machine is a standard 5 reel slot machine with a few secrets up its sleeve that are not revealed until you start your spins. As well as providing you with a typical, yet fun slot machine game; you also have the task of collecting clues and tracking down the killer. But, with yet another added twist; you only have 5 minutes in which to do so.

This game has a varied selection of characters who all appear on the reels in order to help you try and solve the mystery. Pictures of rooms are also part of the reels in the hope of helping the player solve the murder.

All decent slot machine games need to ensure that they have plenty of bonus features included in their gameplay and this game does not disappoint, by any means. Who Spun It slot machine offers the player plenty of chances in which they are able to win any number of who spun it free spins.

Who Spun It slot machine keeps your attention by making you feel as though you are involved by adding you in solving the crime. The game includes 3 clue collection levels in which you have to solve all 3 levels in order to progress to the final bonus round. In the final bonus round is where you will pick who you believe to be the criminal and interrogate them. Press them until they confess.

Along with a number of chances to win who spun it free spins; Who Spun It also offers the player the opportunity to get their hands on a who spun it max win of 320,500 credits; definitely as pleasing as the rest of the game. Overall, a great game and a fantastic theme and story.