Rita P. wins 4,000 GBP on Hall of Gods Slot Machine

Rita Peyton wins it big at Casumo Casino, allowing her to visit her grandparents in the United States years earlier than she planned.

When Peyton looks for new gambling experiences, she prefers to look for games that offer multiple tiers for rewards. According to her, they simply “feel luckier”, as she believes that having more options gives a higher chance of winning one of them. For that, Casumo Casino’s Hall of Gods offered her an alluring option.

“It wasn’t just that, though,” Peyton insisted. “I’m sure that I could have found hundreds of games like that online. No, what really sold me was that whole free spins no deposit thing.” The “free spins no deposit thing” that she is referencing is a bonus offered to players when they register for Casumo’s service.

Free spin no deposit casinos are quickly becoming popular online, and Casumo Casino is no exception. Casumo offers 20 free spins on registration, even if a player doesn’t choose to make a deposit. Peyton chose to use her 20 free spins to accrue a small amount of money in her account, then made her first deposit–a decision which netted her an additional 180 free spins and a significant chunk of free deposit money. While she won’t be able to earn more free spins from future deposits, her next four deposits will also offer her up to 1200 GBP of combined extra money.

From there, she played Casumo Casino’s Hall of Gods game for several days, all the while keeping track of the three separate jackpots. “Sometimes I even just played it for free, just to get the hang of how it played and how often it paid out, “ Peyton added, “I never thought that I would win so fast.”

Hall of Gods currently has a jackpot that is over 4,000,000 GBP. Despite this, Peyton was happy with her win of 4,000 GBP. “I’ve been saving money for almost a year now so that I can visit my grandparents,” Peyton nodded over to a slightly-full jar of coins. “Now? I can go this upcoming summer.”

When asked if she planned to keep trying for the big jackpot, Peyton didn’t answer right away. “I still have a hefty number of free spins–they give them out 20 a day, so I didn’t waste them all in one go.” She nodded, smiling. “I think that I’ll keep trying. You never know what spin will win it big, right?”